mail boat with 3 weeks mail has been lost at sea

undated, postmarked 24th May 1918, censored

My dear old Elsie
lve just heard that a mail boat with 3 weeks mail has been lost at sea and so Im feeling very fed up. Letters are the only things weve got to look forward to and I havent had one from you for ever so long and now I shant hear for simply ages – its sickening. You will be glad to hear we are going out of the line for two weeks rest in a few days and on the 28th I am going down to Cairo for 10 days with Frank Calway – I am looking forward to it. Its about time Im sure that I had another bath and it will be lovely to sleep in a real bed again. I will write you a long letter from Shepheard and hope youll get it this time I can imagine Minchinhampton is looking quite beautiful this time of year and I only wish I could take a look at it – I often dream my leave is sanctioned but there really seems no chance of it just now – if only things could improve in France1 it would help matters – we get only scanty news of the great struggle in the West – it must all be perfectly awful. I am always busy and Im glad it is so – it helps to keep one cheerful – poor old Urwick came back from hospital with his wound healed and now he has gone down again with fever – I miss him so much I wonder if my letters describing the Guard of Honour to the Duke of Connaught and also all the ones describing all our fighting last month have or will ever reach you. Best love dear girl – hoping you will keep quite fit through the summer

from Stan

1 The Allies had lost ground, lives and material to the German advance on the Somme and south of Ypres

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