en route for the front line…

May 31st. 1917
[no address, but certainly Helmieh.1]
[On envelope: ‘passed by censor No 3983’]

Heres another few lines to tell you this is the last time I shalt write to you from this camp for in a few hours from now we shall be on the move again en route for the front line.

I’m not allowed to tell you our exact destination at present but it isnt far from Beersheba and you can easily find this on the map so you will have a very good idea. We have worked night and day since last I wrote and now I think we shall set out quite completely equipped and a very fine Regiment indeed. I shall write you as often as I can but there may be some little delay for a bit. Many thanks dear for a photo you sent me of Highcroft, it looks a delightful place and I’m sure you’ll simply love these next few months especially if you get some really nice summer weather. I forgot to tell you that when I was at the Pyramids I got a little old bead necklace with charms and amulets2 onew-receipt it –  these are supposed to have been dug up out of the tombs and may possibly have adorned some ancient Egyptian Princess in days gone by. Ive put it in a cigarette tin and posted it to you and I hope it and the feathers wont get submarined well goodbye dear girl I shall always be thinking of you & looking out for your letters – dont worry about my safety – if I can ward off this fever I shall get through all right
Best love dear girl
from Stan

1 The Regiment left Helmieh Camp for El Arish on June 3rd 1917 (War Diary, PRO WO 95/4690).
2 Receipt and Warranty
[This small sheet is a printed form whose blank spaces have been filled in by a ‘Dealer of antiquities’ with an unreadable signature. See plate, section II, p.2.]
30th May 1917
I undertake to refund the sum of P.T. 125 [?7251 paid to me by Mr Goodland for Necklice of the 18th Dy [dynasty] about 1700 B.C. If any of the Egyptologist of the British musim or Cairo musim stated that it is not real old one.

Next letter June 9th 2017

These letters have been published as
Engaged in War – the Letters of Stanley Goodland 1914 – 1919
Twiga Books, ISBN 978 09528625 2 9 £9.50 + p&p
Available from http://twigabooks.co.uk/ or Amazon


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