Very disappointed not to come home

May 17 1917
no address

My dear old Elsie

Very many thanks dear for a letter that came today via G.P.O. London and dated April 1st. We are of course very disappointed we arent coming home so I think my best address is Egyptian Expeditionary Force. I hope the letter I posted at Aden has reached your safely – we stayed there a few hours and I went on shore to do some shopping – Do you remember I bought you some ostrich feathers1 at Aden going out – well dear they were pinched from my kit which I left in India while I was in the Gulf and so I got some more for you the other day – these I shall try to post to you in a day or two –  I wonder if you will ever wear them. I hope so – after the war at any rate. We arrived at Suez without adventure and came on by train to this camp.2 We are quite near Cairo now and are busy getting our outfit of stores and equipment – In a short time we shall be in the firing line and you will know which front we are bound for – the Censorship is very strict in this country and Im sorry I cant send you any particulars at present. Egypt is quite a paradise compared to India – the climate is ever so much cooler the people whiter and cleaner and everything seems more Western and civilized. We are seeing a lot of this wonderful world eh? In a day or two I mean to go in to Cairo and of course I shall go down to see the jolly old Pyramids & the Sphinx – there is a large French element here and the language is spoken very much –  it is such a change to see some really nice shops and smart people again. When war is over I should like to take a tour through all the places Ive been to – with just one or two particular pals  – would you come dear? Im afraid some of your recent letters to me – and mine to you have gone to the bottom of the sea – It is very sad but I think we shall very soon discover a way to cope with enemy submarines. I shall write you whenever I can and shall look forward more than ever to your letters – With best love dear girl and thoughts always

from Stan

1 The Ostrich feathers were worn by Elsie on her wedding day, September 18th, 1920, see picture at the top.
2 ‘This camp,’ Helmieh, near Cairo (War Diary, PRO WO 95/4690).

Next letter May 25th 2017

These letters have been published as
Engaged in War – the Letters of Stanley Goodland 1914 – 1919
Twiga Books, ISBN 978 09528625 2 9 £9.50 + p&p
Available from or Amazon


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