We are still hoping and betting on ‘Blighty’

1/5 Somerset L.I., Poona
April 12 1917

My dear old Elsie

Ever so many thanks dear for your last letter (Mar 7) and also for a lovely box of ‘comforts’ which reached me quite safely. I’ve been suffering the last few days from the effects of inoculation for enteric fever and have had a horrid time – but I’ve enjoyed soup made out of the tablets you sent me and for a couple of days or so could eat nothing else  – many thanks again dear old girl –  and also for all the other useful and welcome things.

Even yet no news of our going has come in – we are still hoping and betting on ‘Blighty’ and are almost sure to be off in a few days time. I think I must have missed at least two of your letters lately and the post has been very uncertain – I gather you are settled into your new house and I hope the weather is better for you at last – We spent a very funny Easter – busy the whole time with our plans for embarking and no hot-cross buns of course! The war news at last seems almost too good to be true and America has really joined in at last – I sometimes wonder if the whole thing won’t be over before we get to France! I know you’ll be glad to hear I’ve got my Captaincy in this Regiment at last – I may finish up a Major yet eh. I hope you are very fit dear and I’m ever so glad you are still so happy at Minch. Best love dear girl
from Stan

Next letter May 4th 2017

These letters have been published as
Engaged in War – the Letters of Stanley Goodland 1914 – 1919
Twiga Books, ISBN 978 09528625 2 9 £9.50 + p&p
Available from http://twigabooks.co.uk/ or Amazon


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