Hoping Harold can make it…

1/5 Somerset L.I. Chakrata, Upper Provinces, India
Oct 5th 1916

My dear old Elsie
Since last I wrote I’ve had a couple of days in bed with my old malaria fever again – I haven’t mentioned it in my home letters for they would probably think more of it than necessary and I suppose I shall always be subject to attacks while I’m in the East. I’m better today but a bit shaky and I’ve got to drink a lot of milk which I loathe. I am expecting Harold to turn up either to day or tomorrow and we are sure to have a good time together1 – the last few days we’ve had torrential rains and I hear parts of the road have been washed away but I’m sure he’ll get up somehow – it is 60 miles from the nearest railway station to Chakrata!

Now we shall be getting ready for our exit and march down in two weeks time – it will all be very jolly and we are likely to have perfect weather. The home news seems very good and I get wonderful letters each month from the Pater – the Babe has had a good holiday in the Mumbles. The war news keeps good too and the new armies seem to be fighting magnificently – Well cheero – old girl – many thanks for your last letter & Tatler.
with best love

from Stan

1 There is no surviving letter between October 5th and November 3rd. So it is not certain whether Stanley’s brother Harold reached Chakrata to visit him after so much anticipation.

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